Blossoms of Summer


A Sensorium of Sensual Delights and Artful Musings

Roxana Illuminated Perfume
Whizin Market Hall in Agoura, CA (up stairs)
Saturday, August 29th 7:00 to 10:00 pm

 Blossoms of Summer opening will showcase two new botanical perfumes, two new pieces of art, live chalk drawing, live music with Fritz Heede, drum circle (bring something to bang on), culinary delights, locally produced mead and more. Come on by and join the fun.

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Dining with the Muses


Dining with the Muses

I am sorry this event is SOLD OUT.

Cornell Winery, Agoura, CA
Thursday, August 20th
7:00pm Reception – 7:30 dinner and show

Throughout history the arts have inspired legendary celebrations, festivals and one of kind parties to open our hearts and minds to the fantastical worlds of imagination.

The Cornell Winery is currently presenting, “Musing the Goddess,” a body of my work that reflects the timeless beauty of the female form as well as the powerful insight found in ancient wisdom cultures.

The Cornell Winery and I are celebrating this theme with a special dinner for a chosen few!

Hippocrene, the name of the spring created by Pegasus the winged horse was sacred to the Nine Muses. This water which flowed from the heavens to earth brought forth poetic inspiration when imbibed. Join us as we honor the Goddesses of antiquity with a feast and entertainment reflecting these virtues for your enjoyment. The amazing composer/musician Fritz Heede will be gracing our presence with his delicious vibes and a guest appearance of the operatic singer Sangeeta Kaur will uplift our spirits.

A delectable selection of Mediterranean cuisine will be paired with a selection of wines and a bounty of music, dance, aromatic elixirs, and more. This will be the grand finale for the “Musing the Goddess” show which ends August 23.

$100 per person

Reservations are accepted through e-mail only Please send your request to-

Seating is limited to 26 guests (8 seats left) so please respond quickly if you are interested.

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More Reviews & Sketches



Titan released a book that not only captures some of Spalenka’s best work, but also grants the opportunity to learn about an artist that isn’t afraid to take risks in his career and proves that art is still very important to our culture.” – Entertainment Buddha

The Art of Greg Spalenka is a terrific collection of the artist’s work and manages to really open the eyes of the reader to new worlds.” – Bio Gamer Girl

His vast landscapes of extraordinary worlds lend themselves to exploration and contemplation, with vivid touches and tangible details that bring alien expanses, charmed forests, and mysterious labyrinths alike to life.” –

I am still getting reviews for the, “The Art of Greg Spalenka” book. Here are more sketches in two of them. Love doing these!  Pick up yours today.

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Comic Con 2015 Recap


The San Diego Comic Con was crazy as always. I was in Artist Alley selling my visions and making new friends. I moderated my annual panel, Artist As Brand, Rise of the Artist Entrepreneur on art career sustainability with the Shiflett Brothers, Daniel and Dawna Davis of Steam Crow, Melissa Pagluica, Jeff Soto, and Diana Levin. I am the little guy between the giants, ha!

It was truly the world of imagination in San Diego. I surmise it is close to a half million people that fill that city with this event. Below are a few of the characters that made up this years festivities as well as my table set up.


c2 c3 c4c6 c7 c8


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I have available a beautiful museum quality Light Jet print (one only) of “Wings,” 20″x30″ archivally mounted on wood, ready to hang. Signed on the back. I am offering it along with a copy of the 48 page, Strange Conversations book. $750.00, shipping included.


This image has a calm power about it. It truly puts you in a contemplative mood. I did not design it with that intention in mind but art has a magic all its own.



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Nefertiti’s Dream


“Nefertiti’s Dream”, $2500. 35″x48″ inks, acrylic, oil, metallic paint, varnish, canvas on wood at the ‘Summer Dreams” group show at The Street Art Loft in Agoura, CA.

There is a lot of glazing in this piece which creates a beautiful luminosity in the figure that can only be appreciated when you see it in person.

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Comic Con



I am at the San Diego Comic Con in Artist Alley this year, GG11. Stop by to see what is happening and what I am showing. I have an amazing La Dame Blanche banner for sale, Strange Conversation books, drawings, art, and more. The banner will have fabric draped over it too.

I will also be moderating another panel (five years in a row!), “Artist as Brand, Rise of the Artist Entrepreneur” Thursday, 7/9/15, 7:30p.m. – 8:30p.m., Room: 8 on art career sustainability with the Shiflett Brothers, Jeff Soto, Daniel m. Davis, Diana Levin and Melissa Pagluica.

See you all there!



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Musing The Goddess Art

“If you live in the LA area stop by the Cornell Winery and see Greg’s work in person for a limited time…truly spectacular!” -Carolyn Brown

Musing the Goddess is up at the Cornell Winery until August 23. The show celebrates the Divine Feminine. She, the goddess in all traditions, symbolizes balance, healing, renewal, restoration, intuition, wisdom; the empowered, nurturing sacred mother of all.

Eleven pieces of art reflect this theme, most are new incarnations along with a few earlier works. Some of these are large luminous paintings (Cosmic Current is 6 feet tall) with gold and silver leaf and will be most appreciated seeing in person. You can see the show here on this post but go to Agoura to experience it. Plus the Cornell Winery has a special charm along with the amazing, historic restaurant, The Old Place, next door.

The art can be purchased here as well. Click on the images to see them larger. Shipping is not included in the prices below.

iamsunI Am the Sun, 47″x54″ acrylic, oil, varnish, gold leaf, silver leaf, on canvas/gator board, hand made frame. SOLD.

The sun is normally associated with masculine attributes, but in ancient cultures it was also feminine. After thousands of years of a patriarchal, male dominated world view the pendulum is swinging back toward a feminine and holistic one. As the Goddess rises in the world’s consciousness it embodies this powerful symbol of light bringing with it a more balanced, peaceful and loving planet.

LoveIncense1 Love Incense, 36″x60″ mixed media (oil, acrylic and coffee on canvas and wood)  SOLD 

The union of two souls are like trees rooted to the ground, the incense of their love branching upward, manifesting a sacred geometric imprint in the ethers.


Chiaroscuro Gold, 48″x72″ digital inks, gold paint on canvas, ropes/tassles, metal rod and finials. SOLD

The Seer opens her eyes to the light and discerns a golden scent of pure love as symbolized by the white Jasmine.

Nature’s Graces, 46″x52″ mixed media (oil, acrylic, metallics and gold leaf on vinyl and wood), hand made frame.

Mythology represents the Three Graces as goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, creativity and fertility. Here the Tree of Life represents the human spine and the kundalini rising up it, symbolized by the serpent spiraling up the trunk. This art is also a nod to the great art master, Raphael.

grace1aNature’s Graces (detail)

Emerge1 Emerge, 30″x42″ mixed media (oil, acrylic, coffee, gold leaf, gold paint on canvas and board), painted and distressed frame.

The feminine psyche awakens from the depth of sleep into a sparkling awareness of empowerment.

Emerge2Emerge, (detail)

MysticcurrentfdramedbigCosmic Current, 57″x86″ mixed media (oil, acrylic and coffee on canvas, plexiglass and wood), hand made frame.

Cosmic Current represents the ethereal winds of inspired passion and creativity. She swoops down from the heavens of our consciousness to the worlds of manifestation. This is one of my most powerful pieces to date and has a strong presence you can feel when you stand in front of it.


Cosmic Current, (detail)


Cosmic Current, (detail)

ladameframeLa Dame Blanche, 31″x40″ One of a kind archival, museum quality print on acid free paper, signed, framed under glass.

The Stag is known as a fertility god and protector of nature. In ancient history this horned creature was also depicted as holding up the cosmos by carrying the sun in its horns. Here the Goddess guides these powers grasping a flowering caduceus to proclaim the blossoming of a new age.


4seasonsFour Seasons, 40″x29″ mixed media (graphite, oil, acrylic, transparencies on board), framed under glass.

The intellect is transformed with the self realization of experiencing our true essential nature.

Mystic1Mystic Vision, 41″x52″ mixed media (oil, acrylic, on vinyl and wood), ready to hang.

Accessing the limitless dimensions of our consciousness, we open worlds of possibility transcending time and space. This art also reflects the visions of Vespertina, a 13th century mystic.

Blessings, 30″x37″ Archival, museum quality print on acid free paper, signed, framed under glass.

The spirit of giving and accepting imbues this classic favorite of the Divine Mother.


Blessings, (detail)IlluminataIlluminata, 27″x32″ Archival, museum quality print on acid free paper, signed, framed under glass.

Wisdom goes beyond intelligence or formal knowledge, it is ‘the knowledge of the knowledge’. This feminine messenger descends through the clouds of experience bringing light to our intellectual shores.

illuminareIlluminata (detail)

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More Reviews and Sketches

drawingsmall2 drawingsmall

“What a dreamer. And thank heavens Spalenka dreams in shapes, colors and textures we can see. Visionary, meaningful.” -DUSA, Amazon reviewer

“This man captures realism and true likenesses with skill, but his most fascinating works are those that are truly free-flowing and merge multiple different media and styles. This book is a delight from beginning to end, and I love flipping through and putting the stories behind the pictures together in my mind, then reading the name of the piece and what project/publication it was created for.”  -Amazon reviewer

I am still getting reviews for the, “The Art of Greg Spalenka” books. Here are more sketches in two of them. Love doing these!  Pick up yours today and I will put a sketch in it in time for Comic Con.

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Musing the Goddess

Musing the Goddess, June 20- July 31 at the Cornell Winery in Agoura 

“Such an amazing event! We arrived just in time for the drum circle, so powerful! I absolutely love your work and your spirit, and for paying homage to the Sacred Feminine! -Charlotte Bender

“If you live in the LA area stop by the Cornell Winery and see Greg’s work in person for a limited time…truly spectacular!” -Carolyn Brown

“I am so grateful I came out to see your beautiful artwork…It was a luscious evening, full of the beauty of imaginative creation everywhere. That night was my first drum circle, too! What joy, what joy. A night I will remember for a long time! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, Greg!” –Nora Koerber

“Get a visual awakening, check out Greg Spalenka’s work. He is an amazing artist with an eye on spirituality, love and beauty.” -Heidi Fehr Keegan

Video by Joe Palacios

Music by my nephew, Nikola Spalenka a.k.a. Akn3laps 

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