La Dame Blanche Art Banner


“La Dame Blanche” “reflects a mythic love of spirit and nature that spans time and space. My desire was to capture the romantic, rose dipped healing of mystical wisdom. Created initially for Roxana Illuminated Perfume’s new botanical fragrance inspired by the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon.

Go HERE to learn more and purchase.

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Blue is Beautiful

These photo sketches are experiments. Much of my art is all about the process of pushing materials, innovating, reinventing and transcending the possibilities of what different mediums can bring to light. Whether drawing, painting, or taking pictures there is sure to be an overlap.

Early photography, specifically Pictorialist photography of the late 1800’s attempted to bring a painterly quality to the images captured with light and chemicals. It is in this spirit that I am exploring this new body of work. Using ancient cyanotype technology (chemicals which impart a blue hue to the photograph) lends a historical flair.

The models for Roxana Illuminated Perfume are being celebrated too! Gwen Cunningham, Jessica Lough, and Savanah Paige Kerwin are the muses in these pieces. The Goddess is Rising. More to come…

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Chiaroscuro Gold Art Banner

chiabanner“Chiaroscuro Gold” represents the awakening of our essential nature. People ask me who modeled for the image. She started out as a drawing within my mind’s eye, then was painted, then scanned into the computer, then printed out and worked on again. This image illuminates the beautiful jasmine inspired perfume by Roxana Illuminated Perfume

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.22.08 PM
Ten banners only, made to order, each is a little different. Signed, numbered, 4’x 6′ digital print on canvas, adorned with metallic inks applied by hand. Stabilized with metal rods and finials, the banner is framed with silk cords and tassels, with a silk cord for hanging. I suggest an antique ornamental hook to hang it upon.

This piece will look beautiful in just about any decor, from classical to modern.

Purchase Here.


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Nature’s Graces


Nature’s Graces, 46″x52″ mixed media (oil, acrylic, metallics and gold leaf on vinyl and wood), hand made frame.

Mythology represents the Three Graces as goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, creativity and fertility. Here the Tree of Life represents the human spine and the kundalini rising up it, symbolized by the serpent spiraling up the trunk. This art is also a nod to the great art master, Raphael.


Perfect addition for a classical/gothic/renaissance designed room. Available at Chandeliers & Tulips. 

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“Nefertiti’s Dream”


“Nefertiti’s Dream”35″x48” inks, acrylic, oil, metallic paint, varnish, canvas on wood, metallic silver leafed edges.

This art represents the meditative mind transcending the nature of reality and opening the third eye to new awareness. The glazing in this piece creates a beautiful luminosity that can be appreciated when seen in person. Perfect addition for an art deco/gothic/B&W designed interior.

Available at Chandeliers & Tulips. 

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The Grail


Painting I was working on at The Street Art Loft, event last Friday. People mentioned it felt like a pompeii fresco. “The Grail,” in progress, 30″x36,” multi media, vinyl, wood, acrylics, oils, metallic paints, gold leaf.

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Blossoms of Summer Video

A short piece I created for Roxana Illuminated Perfume to celebrate her two new botanical perfumes, Mellifera and Fleurish. This was projected large on fabric at the at Blossoms of Summer event with Fritz Heede playing music in the background.

Go here to see the art in a larger format.

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Blossoms of Summer II


I created two new illuminations for some very beautiful botanical essences by Roxana Illuminated Perfume. The model is Stevie Morley.

Fleurish is a feminine, fresh floral bouquet featuring three types of jasmine. The scent is indolic, sensual and evocative of languid nights heavy with the hypnotic scent of these treasured night blooming white flowers.

The Goddess transforms these floral essences into a voluptuous perfume of beauty and grace.


Mellifera is the part of the latin name for the honey bee, translated as honey maker. This unisexy fragrance features notes of honey and wild flower meadows. The scent is evocative of the terrain where the winged alchemist collects the nectar to make her golden elixir.

The queen of the sun encourages her daughters in the amber light of day. Inspired by antique French postcards.

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Blossoms of Summer


A Sensorium of Sensual Delights and Artful Musings

Thank to all who attended this event.

A lovely time was had by all!

Roxana Illuminated Perfume
Whizin Market Hall in Agoura, CA (up stairs)
Saturday, August 29th 7:00 to 10:00 pm

 Blossoms of Summer opening will showcase two new botanical perfumes, two new pieces of art, live chalk drawing, live music with Fritz Heede, drum circle (bring something to bang on), culinary delights, locally produced mead and more. Come on by and join the fun.

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Dining with the Muses


Dining with the Muses

I am sorry this event is SOLD OUT.

Cornell Winery, Agoura, CA
Thursday, August 20th
7:00pm Reception – 7:30 dinner and show

Throughout history the arts have inspired legendary celebrations, festivals and one of kind parties to open our hearts and minds to the fantastical worlds of imagination.

The Cornell Winery is currently presenting, “Musing the Goddess,” a body of my work that reflects the timeless beauty of the female form as well as the powerful insight found in ancient wisdom cultures.

The Cornell Winery and I are celebrating this theme with a special dinner for a chosen few!

Hippocrene, the name of the spring created by Pegasus the winged horse was sacred to the Nine Muses. This water which flowed from the heavens to earth brought forth poetic inspiration when imbibed. Join us as we honor the Goddesses of antiquity with a feast and entertainment reflecting these virtues for your enjoyment. The amazing composer/musician Fritz Heede will be gracing our presence with his delicious vibes and a guest appearance of the operatic singer Sangeeta Kaur will uplift our spirits.

A delectable selection of Mediterranean cuisine will be paired with a selection of wines and a bounty of music, dance, aromatic elixirs, and more. This will be the grand finale for the “Musing the Goddess” show which ends August 23.

$100 per person

Reservations are accepted through e-mail only Please send your request to-

Seating is limited to 26 guests (8 seats left) so please respond quickly if you are interested.

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