Vespertina Revealed X

“The creatures collapsed into a heap.”

“That’s it!” Elizabeth jumped high above the four beasts. Grabbing the silver thread snaking from the back of her neck she pulled sharply on it in a downward motion. Her cord reeled in from the ethers above. In a large swooping motion she propelled the line toward the trolls. A whirling sound filled the air.
The thread flickered with an inner glow, and arced above with incredible speed. It raced over the heads of the trolls and began its descent in front of them. Elizabeth jerked back on the line.

The thread which only a moment ago appeared to be a gentle spider web flowing in the wind returned sharply and at an angle perfectly aligned with the trolls shins, severing their legs. The creatures collapsed into a heap. Human souls went tumbling. Some stood up shakily and stumbled away, others remained tangled in the thick hair. Thumping could be felt through the ground while the misshapen beasts flayed arms and stubby appendages like overgrown babies.”

*Excerpt from The Visions of Vespertina.


About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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