Comic Con Recap

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Another year of Comic Con madness. I was in Artist Alley this year. Four feet of table space and room for a banner behind me. It was tight, tight, tight. The feedback and interaction was very quick and direct. People were magnetized to my space or not. They knew within seconds whether they were going to stop or keep on walking. Some fans headed straight to the artists on both sides of me and did not give me a second glance.

My art did resonate with many though and I sold quite a bit of product, ($20 and under). I did not have room for big ticket items. This is the challenge with showcasing in Artist Alley. I have some serious decisions to make about staying in this location.

My panel discussion, Artist As Brand, Rise of the Artist Entrepreneur was a success with over 200 people showing up.  Dave McKeanCraig Elliott, Shiflett BrothersMiss Mindy, and Daniel Davis were inspiring and informative.

One thing is for sure and that is the people and volunteers behind the scenes are pretty amazing at running this gigantic show. It is a non-profit and even though they do make money few members get paid, and the costs are many. For instance I learned that the bus shuttles they have running almost 24 hours a day cost them $500,000.

One of the best parts of Comic Con is meeting up with friends from around the world. Donato Giancalo, Rick Berry, John Foster, John English, Jason Manly, David Seeley, Stephan Martiniere, Madelynn Martiniere, Robh Ruppel, Ron and Vanessa Lemen, Scott Anderson, Tom Luth, Lark Pien, Kiyoshi, Felipe Echevarria , Ric Meyers, Ron McFee, on and on it goes. The people and costumed individuals are pretty interesting too. What a wild bunch.

One of the big productions from the corporate side was The Hobbit booth and the WETA trolls. I have some pics in the slide show.

Will I return to Comic Con 2013? Hmmm. I will keep you in the loop.



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  2. Interesting to hear your experiences this year. Thanks for keeping us posted. 🙂 xxx

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