Vespertina Print II

Astral Vision  © Greg Spalenka

“Astral Vision” represents the spiritual warrior, the empowered Goddess. Here we have facets of the divine feminine, love, magic, renewal, mother, warrior. The young woman is Vespertina. The Visions of Vespertina is a story of finding true love within your true purpose, while living in this physical world but also in the finer cosmic realms that saints and sages have spoken of for thousands of years.

“Divine bliss was Vespertina’s obsession. Most of her sixteen years were devoted to this quest. At two years old she was intuitively accessing energy portals through her mind to the Astral universe by climbing through a tunnel of golden light just before falling asleep. Passing back and forth between the Astral and physical worlds was so natural sometimes it was difficult to know the difference between the two.”
– The Visions of Vespertina

To view larger versions of this art and purchase a beautiful archival print please go here.

All images created by Greg Spalenka on this blog are copyrighted. Images can not be reproduced except by permission of the artist.


About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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2 Responses to Vespertina Print II

  1. Beautiful piece! I love the forest growing from inside her.

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