Chiaroscuro Contest

Help decide the art direction for a promotional image that will represent the new Roxana Illuminated Perfume called Chiaroscuro and be entered in a drawing to win a solid and liquid sampler of the perfume, or a 13″ x 19″ print of the art.

Above are preliminary designs (click on them to enlarge) that we would love some feedback on. Go here to learn more about the perfume. Leave a comment on this post below as to which image best represents the spirit of Chiaroscuro. You will receive one entry for your comment. If you have already sampled the perfume tell us when and where you sampled it in your response and you will receive two entries!

The drawing will be held Sunday October 14. The randomizer will choose one winner for the print and one for the sampler. If you prefer the print over the sampler or vice versa be sure to mention that in the comment.

This is a liquid perfume sampler of Chiaroscuro.
This is a solid perfume sampler of Chiaroscuro.

Below are the images you can choose from. The art will be printed on 13″x19″ archival paper, signed.

Chiaroscuro I

Chiaroscuro II

Thanks and good luck!




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I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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21 Responses to Chiaroscuro Contest

  1. Tejae Floyde says:

    hello Greg and Roxanne! I like the layout of the first design with the perfume bottle mixed in with the flowers. I also like the contrast in light in dark in the second image. Best wishes!

  2. womo531 says:

    I prefer promo image 2 and I’m guessing that the bottle is in the dark part because it represents the dark aspect. However, I do prefer the bottle mixed in with flowers…. that’s my 2 cents =)
    I would prefer to get the perfume sampler if give a choice~

  3. Ziuhey Tse says:

    Hello Greg!
    I’ll votae for the Chiaroscuro II one as the pastel pink “fog” over the flowers add some mysteries toe the paining and I think it’ll suit better the dark side of Chiaroscuro.

    Would love to receive the perfume sample if possible. Thanks!

  4. I like layout one, it is feminine and ethereal. But when the pic is small the name of the product all but disappears

  5. I prefer image 2, as it has the light and dark aspects without being too ‘busy’.
    However, I do agree with Tejae that the bottle looks best mixed in and softened by the flowers.
    I would love a sample of the perfume!
    Thanks for the chance, Maggie x

    • spalenka says:

      These comments are great everyone! Thank you and keep them coming.

      • nutralchemy says:

        I love image 5 for Chiaroscuro. The white blossoms depict the light and innocence while the shadows around the face add mystery and show some dark quality emerging into the light. The description of the fragrance is very appealing but this image and the visual portrayal of the qualities motivates me to wear this lovely described scent.

  6. Hi Greg,
    I prefer the 2nd image, it’s somehow more mysterious with the girls face framed by the swirling, watery overlay….I’m drawn more to her eyes with this image. The contrasting texture of the jasmine flowers and smooth swirl is more satisfying, it lends movement and depth…she seems to be emerging from the background rather than buried under the flowers. I feel this is more suggestive of chiaroscuro whilst keeping the tonal palette. Beautiful work!
    I would love a fragrance sample (tough decision!)

  7. Out of the 5 shown above I am torn between 1 and 2. No 2 is deeper which shows the depth of the fragrance well but I will have to vote for no 1 because it is so beautiful and her eyes show all the depth necessary. Then there are 2 images enlarged above and I would choose no 2. Fabulous!

  8. I really do love Roxanna perfume!!
    She create one for perfumefor me and it was : vanilla and patchouli!! this was amazing!!! Just can wait to place a other order very soon!!! 😉 for the contest I would say number 2!! And I would love a perfume sample! 😉
    Melanie Robillard
    a facebook fan and also a etsy buyer 😉

  9. The beautiful Image #1 is my favorite. I’m a great lover of Roxanna perfumes, and can’t wait to try this one.

  10. Cymbaline says:

    Hi Greg,

    While I was waiting for my sample of Chiaroscuro to arrive, I spent some time reading Roxana’s descriptions of her new perfume where snippets like “luminous moon” and “darkness of the night” led me to the conclusion that the black night/forest green contrasting a luminous face of Promo Image 3 made it the obvious choice.

    Now, this is where i’d like to thank Roxana for anticipating my ‘needs’ rather than my ‘wants’ by including a sample of Chiaroscuro solid along with my order of the liquid. It really is necessary to spend skin-time with both forms to truly understand Chiaroscuro and my preference for and ordering of the liquid only, would have left me lacking critical information – and enjoyment!

    After thorough sniffings and musings the last two days, I am amazed at where this journey has taken me – both olfactorally and visually – and it doesn’t jive at all with my preconceived notions! I assumed shadowy cool, temperate rain forest would be my “dark/scuro” interpretation of the liquid perfume, I was instead, travel-memory-transported to a bright mid-day street in Tui Tui, Spain where the heat of the sun warmed a vine of stark white jasmine flowers draped over a brilliant blue stucco wall and the indolic-heavy air smelled like the “dark” of a lush tropical jungle. Something very similar occured with the “light/chiaro” solid perfume. No “cool, moon luminosity” impressions for me! Travel-memory-transportation once again, this time to the Caribbean island of Tortola where I observe men and women navigating dusty streets, through hot humid air whilst managing to always look cool and wrinkle-free in what seems to be the national uniform of loose natural-colored linen shirts and pants or sleeveless shift dresses. The odors are delicate and subtle – hints of spicy jasmine and sun warmed scrub-brush aromatics carried along on cooling ocean breezes.

    I think the Chiaro/Scuro perfumes are beautiful AND interesting and I love that they have the power to “transport”!, but as to the question of which image best conveys the feeling of Chiaroscuro? I love the artwork you create for Roxana’s perfumes and think they’re usually spot-on, but a ‘tropical’ light/dark color palate is how this perfume speaks to me, so even though I think all promo images are gorgeous, sadly, I’m not able to choose one.

    But hey, don’t go thinking I don’t want to win! I’d love a print of Chiaroscuro II. : )

    Thanks for letting me get all long-winded on your blog!


  11. kaya wayfinding says:

    I love number 5’s glowing jasmine. when I think of chiaroscuro, I also think of “rembrandt lighting” so perhaps stronger light/dark side lighting on the face – only a cheekbone emerging from the dark sepia toned shadows…and that glorious glowing jasmine illuminating the pink tinged lighter side.. i love your images! and would love to sample the perfume.

  12. I really love layout one as I feel like something inside of me wants to imerge from hiding when I look at it. Something darkly feminine. That print is beautiful and you did an amazing job!

    I would love to win the sampler as I have just now discovered the shop and blog. Everything in the shop is appealing to me and I don’t know where to start! 😉

  13. susan says:

    My *favorite* image is image 5, with all the flowers, but I feel that image 3, with its light and dark contrasts, may be a better representation of the fragrance – not having smelled it yet, of course.

  14. Promo Image 5 speaks to me the most. While I can appreciate the veils of color in the other four images, they distract me from her incredibly beauty and her natural light and darkness – the light that surrounds her, the glow of sunlight on her forehead – and the darkness in her eyes and mood. Simply Gorgeous and Mesmerizing. Natural beauty – Natural perfume. 🙂

    • spalenka says:

      I must say everyone is incredibly poetic! Thank you for all the inspired impressions. A few more days and we will be drawing the winners and have an image to represent Chiaroscuro!

  15. Samuel Araya says:

    I have to vote for:

    I think there is always something more misterious and daring when a product doesn’t have the logo on it. My only gripe is that the perfume bottle doesn’t feel integrated with the image, its just floating around.

    The second option would be this one:

    The bottle is much more integrated and there is an editing in the information, and there is a nice play between the face/bottle as focal points.

  16. Bev Beatty says:

    If I can only vote for #I or II, I pick II. The flowers on I are too washed out on the top, and #II has a nice balance of lights and darks characteristic of chiaorusco; that said close up, I like the one with the dark purple background best as it has more light and shadow. I actually would have picked the one with the black background, but when I enlarged it was that it was green, so the dark purple is my fav. Perfume please if the randomizer is in my favor! Bev Beatty

  17. My non-poetic response: Number five is my favorite, but I loved kaya wayfinding’s suggestion of pushing the ‘Rembrant lighting’ perhaps? Number one is my second choice of visuals.

  18. Love the last image, so open and inviting – but all are beautiful! And would prefer the sample if I’m one of the lucky. 🙂

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