From Baby to 80

We just celebrated my Dad’s 80th birthday with family, relatives and friends at the delectable Antonello’s Ristorante in Costa Mesa. There was much fun with the festivities.

I created a multi-media show that followed my Dad’s early years growing up, my Mom’s early years growing up and then the whole Spalenka clan growing up, all with a live improvised accordion accompaniment by Don Milich. It was a blast!

Here are a few pics from the presentation-

David up front (behind l-r) brother George, Mom (Mayme), Francis, and John. Maryanne his older sister took this picture.

I love this picture of my Mom when she was around 18 years old on the farm in Nebraska.

The Prince and Princess ready for a date (1956). Look at the Glamour and Seventeen magazines on the table in the foreground.

Classy and classic.

The Gang circa late 60’s- (top left) Bob Summers, Diane Duus, Sharon, Karen, Susan Allen, (bottom left) Jean, Mark, Paul, and a friend whose name I cannot remember (maybe David Denny). I took this pic with my trusty Kodak Instamatic.

Taking a ride with Grandpa on the farm in Nebraska. Polaroid.

The Brady Bunch. Ha! Not!

My Dad, Mr. David Spalenka! Go Dad!

About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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2 Responses to From Baby to 80

  1. Hello, is this the same Jean Spalenka that went to Mission Viejo HS class of 81?
    Sorry to respond in this forum as it appears to be a personal family space.
    Scott McEllis (

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