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Digging up more art for my first retrospective book with Titan Publishers. This is a piece from my Art Center days.

Early on I was exploring lots of techniques with Prisma Color pencils. I would layer them as thickly as I could upon each other working them together almost like oil pastels. After the colors were built up as far as the materials would allow I would take the back end of one these pencils and use it as a burnisher rubbing over the lead substance almost melting the different colors together. It was a very physical approach to getting the result I wanted. Pressing down hard using a sweeping motion with my arm over and over the art actually heated it up and snapped many pencils in the process. The upside of using this technique on stacks of art is that it really built up the muscles in my arms. 🙂

Some acrylic paint was also used on this art along with sandpaper to bring texture and chaos to the surface.

This piece was called East/West and focused on the meeting of cultures. I was walking in China Town in downtown Los Angeles and took some polaroids of the surrounding area. This pony ride seemed so out of place yet fit perfectly for my class assignment.

You can click on this piece and see much of the detail and texture.


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I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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