From The Archives 4

joanjett Joan Jett, 1981, graphite, acrylic, oil on illustration board

More early work in the form of portraits. While at Art Center I was experimenting with acrylics and oils and the lethal Krylon Crystal Clear layering technique where wet oils could be painted over quickly creating a dynamic transparency between the glazes.

girl1 Model, 1982, graphite, acrylic, oil on illustration board

This technique worked well and after sanding the art down many times and painting again over it I built up a fine textured surface.

philipburkePhilip Burke, 1983, graphite, acrylic, oil on illustration board

When I moved to New York I start creating portraits of up and coming illustrators. Philip Burke was one of them. He is still making awesome art. There will be some great close ups of this art in the book.

churchill Winston Churchill, 1981, graphite, oil on illustration board

This was a fun piece swishing that wet juicy paint around. Yummy!


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I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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2 Responses to From The Archives 4

  1. Aunty Sue says:

    I remember some of these!!!! Xx

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