Cover Design Feedback


 I have been playing with cover designs with Jeff Burne for my book with Titan. These are comps of some of the designs so far (click on them to enlarge). Some are single page designs others are wrap around covers.

More designs with other art possibilities will be showcased but which of these do you like so far? If you do not like them or feel there is something better let me know. Please place your comments on this post or on my facebook page.

Thanks for being a part of the process!

SpalenkaCover3a 2.

SpalenkaCover3 2. Front and Back

SpalenkaCover1 3.

SpalenkaCover1a 4.

SpalenkaCover1c 5.

SpalenkaCover2 6.


About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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10 Responses to Cover Design Feedback

  1. Bev Beatty says:

    I like 5; it shows a little more swirls at the bottom. The colors on that one are calming and appealing to me. When I think of “visions” the colors that come to mind are blues/purples/greens; and the yellow center implies a revelation or birthing. Also like the vertical head shot better. On 2, I like the eye in the center and the drawing over the left eye and would like it really more if it were a vertical shot, only because I think of visions as being fully awake rather than in a reclining position..

  2. I would definitely walk across the room to pick up #6 to look inside. Intriguing! Not a obvious depiction of the mind’s eye but a spot on example of the art and intuition that is your mind’s eye!

  3. #3, it depicts the title. I like the combination and balance of golden yellow and blue. Subtitle is more obvious when it is beneath the main title, which is the only reason I think it is better than #5.

  4. Hi Greg,
    It is Stephanie Taugner from LCAD ( formerly) I must say the first one is my choice. I love the blue soft feel of the second one but it is subtle, I see all of the beauty but untrained eyes might bypass them. The other just stands out strongly and makes a visual statement that is quite powerful. Love you work as always. Steph

  5. kellyalton says:

    I like #5 the best. As a buyer of a lot of art books, I find this cover to be very eye-catching and it presents a visual invitation to look inside the book.

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