Beauty Progression 6


Click on image to enlarge.

PROGRESSIONS are pieces of art which I continually work on and show the progress of until someone stops the process by purchasing it. In essence the art keeps evolving until a patron steps in becoming part of the creative process.

This change included cutting away parts of the painting, intergrading more collage, more refinement of form and adding shapes of Mondrian-esque color. Click on the piece to see the detail.

Beauty is 18″x20″ made with charcoal, graphite, acrylic/house/oil paint, transparencies, gold leaf, tape, newsprint, adhesive, on board.

This piece is now at $700.00. Beauty’s next progression is Saturday, Sept. 28th. If you would like to own this piece of art then you must let me know before the date above because it will not be the same after that day.

Check out the older posts on the Spalenka Eye to see evolutions of the Progressions.



About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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2 Responses to Beauty Progression 6

  1. WORLD PORT says:

    Hey Greg-
    This is a cool series. Each one stands on it’s own, but as a series it really shows your ability to make each painting fresh, complete and meaningful. I hope you save hi-res versions of all of them for a print series. I really haven’t seen anyone else do this. For an illustration assignment, there might be a bunch of good concept sketches left on the cutting room floor, but not completed pieces like this. Great to see!
    Paul M.

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