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The Print Poll is over! A big thank you to everyone who helped me decide which prints will be showcased on my new website. The winner of the Print Giveaway will be announced Thursday!

I am redoing my entire website and am revising the Prints that I sell. Please help me determine which images will remain available for sale. Choose you favorite images in the poll below. If there is a piece of art I did not include here that you feel should be offered please let me know.

Everyone who participates will be entered in a giveaway for one free archival print! Leaving a reply at the end of the post automatically enters you in the giveaway. Thank you very much!

About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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37 Responses to Print Poll

  1. It’s hard to pick a favorite. They are so beautiful.

  2. The list above only accepts one vote from me. I vote for 3, 11, 12, 13, 25, 26, 27, 30, and 31. 31 is my current favorite.

  3. Kk Trin says:

    I voted for #1, which has been my favorite ever since I was given a calendar of your artwork many years ago. So beautiful!

  4. So hard to choose, Greg! I would definitely pick more than one print if I could. 🙂

  5. noend29 says:

    voted again with my full list of favourites. i am so happy i have yur book Greg. moremoremoremore! – nate dryden

  6. I love them all! I voted for #28 though. 🙂

    • Spalenka says:

      Ahh, Natalie you are sweetheart! You can vote for more than just one. Jump back in there if you have the time. I hope you are exploring your artful visions!

      • Well at first it only let me vote for one. So I just did one vote at a time for every single one. But I’m not sure if it counted them because some say there are no votes for them. So I went back in and clicked all of the boxes after you changed it, and it said they already counted my vote. So I’m not sure if it worked. I tried and I really do love them all. You have a beautiful mind. 🙂 I need to take some time to get creative again.

      • Spalenka says:

        Your a sweetheart Natalie. Keep living in your art spirit.

  7. Voted as best I could. A case could be made for all of them. You get to choose now.

  8. I love so many of them. It was a lovely reminder of all of the beautiful work you have done!

  9. Bev Beatty says:

    OK, I’ve voted again and added 32 as well

  10. Claire Sauer says:

    I’ve voted for all my favourites, but no. 13 is still my all-time fav 🙂

  11. mindellah says:

    I have quite a few prints. It was difficult to choose. I love them all!

  12. Sherri Volf says:

    Hi Greg,
    It was such a pleasure to met you and Roxanne in Seattle. Your work is absolutely enchanting and Roxanne’s presentation was definitely one of the highlights of the conference for me. It is so hard to pick a favorite, as I resonate with different ones for different reasons. Thank you for sharing your gift! I hope my input helps.

  13. ijpha says:

    They are all beautiful Greg, but I voted for my top favorites that I would put money down on and display in my home.

  14. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose only one image, because so many of them there are gorgeous.

  15. Sarah Wolfe says:

    So much gorgeousness here!

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