Old Masters New Visions Austria

In August of 2003, Roxana and I embarked on a journey to a small village in the Austrian Alps called Reichenau for a Visionary Artist workshop. While learning the Mische technique through Philip Rubinov-Jacobson’s, Old Masters New Visions art class we also saw museums in Vienna and visited the grand, Ernst Fuchs Villa.

Vienna statue 5a

Pallas Athena statue in the Athenebrunnen fountain in front of the Parliament building.

Vienna statue 5

Classical magnificence.

Vienna Opera House

The artful metal facades seen around the city were superb.

Kunst Museumegypt

The Kunst Museum held a treasure of Egyptian artifacts. Loved this granite Pharaoh Goddess.

Kunst Museum - Egypt

Enjoyed the design of this effigy and headdress.


The iconic, Kiss by Klimt at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere.


Featuring over 40 paintings and approximately 180 works on paper, the Leopold Museum is the largest and most prominent collection with works of Egon Schiele worldwide.


The Ernst Fuchs Villa (now a museum) was awe inspiring with almost everything in the house designed by the artist, including furniture, lights, and doorknobs. The house was filled with his art.

Vienna Fuchs Villa2

One of the seductive marble and goldleaf sculptures of Fuch’s Sphinx.


Fuchs also designed and built a temple that was surrealistic. It was filled with stained glass, large gold leaf covered bronze sculptures of esoteric imagery. Beautiful and beguiling it feels like you are standing in a psychedelic dream.

Alex Grey is attempting to create a temple called Entheon in a similar spirit. Check it out.


A Fuchs painting using the classic Mische technique that we learned in the workshop that was taught by Philip Rubinov-Jacobson. Philip was mentored by Fuchs.


One of Fuchs large graphite drawings in a gallery show at the time. This piece was about 7′ high on paper and framed under glass.

W-Michael Fuchs Eucharist 2q

Michael Fuchs (Ernst Fuchs son) was also teaching at the workshop and this was one of his Mische paintings. One of the unique properties of this painting technique is the stained glass like transparency that can be achieved through numerous glazes.

If you are interested in learning more about this technique check out Philip Rubinov-Jacobson’s wokshops.


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