Cosmic Heart LP Jacket Cover Vote

Help me decide the direction of the, Memory of a Cosmic Heart LP jacket and CD covers. Click on the first image to see it larger, then flip through all the cover ideas making note of the number in the lower left hand corner. After you have reviewed them all, return to the main page and share your picks in the comment box below.

These are ideas and not final pieces of art, so we are looking for what you feel best represents the direction of the art. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Keep in mind that the story is a musical odyssey of the heart, weaving in concepts of our celestial roots, with a desire to dance with the divine. Thank you for helping me shape the look of Memory of a Cosmic Heart. I will share the top three winners at the end of the week.

Lastly, go here to pre-order the album. 

About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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20 Responses to Cosmic Heart LP Jacket Cover Vote

  1. Very tough decision. But, I personally like 17.

  2. judygerardthomson says:

    I’ll try again. Just my first round of fleeting impressions:

    I am drawn toward the Sun-Women in their “alembic” vessels. I prefer them to the more foetal images (too literal) or the winged-heart milagros-shapes. The Sun-Women project Strength, combined with Generosity. Their legs and feet are on the verge of Dance.

    I’m reminded of the Sybil of Cumae. She is last mentioned by Petronius in his Satyricon; having been granted a life of as many years as there are earthly grains of sand, she has shrunk to a tiny, tiny figure of light, suspended within a globular flask. Though Petronius used her story as an object lesson in mortal hubris, his interpretation is just one possible narrative. Presumably, the Sybil still lives and can be heard by those who listen for her voice….

    The more subtly blended angel wings are more appealing than the sharply defined ones. Also, I love whenever you create alchemical symbols as a delicate tracery of light (#s2 and 7), as if these are being gently revealed through the opacity of the mundane. Kabbalah says all Existence is Light. Which nicely agrees quantum theory, 😉

    I really like the idea of an Ygdrasil sprouting from a vessel (#s 7 and 27)…

    Sometimes I find it’s useful to eliminate things I do NOT immediately like. The cabbage roses (#s 21 and 25), for example; this variety of rose reaches past healthy fecundity, and slips toward the overblown, the decadent, and the almost-dying. Like the capitals on Corinthian columns, they out-weigh and over-burden the negative space. Soon they’ll sink into Entropy and Chaos. For more hopeful rose imagery, look to the simple 5-10 petal medieval blooms of the white Yorkist Rose, which is also Mary’s, with its netted center being the Godhead.

    Similarly, I’m less attracted to the coronal-type suns, perhaps because (1) these remind me too vividly of Sauron’s ring, and (2) they signify the state of solar Eclipse, rather than dawn. Think, instead, of the Obliquity of the Ecliptic, which could be diagramed with a very light touch, in the same way you reveal the alchemical traceries. (Hmm… if you do want a reiteration of circles, what about morphing into the protective boundaries of an Ouroboros? Much more nuanced…and the serpent can be a very positive symbol (remember how, in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the seer, Tiresias, witnesses two snakes copulating on a branch; when he thoughtlessly kills the female, the gods turn him into a woman, that he may experience empathy. When he is returned to maleness, it’s with the sacrifice of his earthly vision…but he is granted the far greater Spiritual Vision – and the Gift of Prophesy. The Cadeusos staff, associated with Hermes, then later with Apollo and his son, Asklepios, represents this whole transformative episode.

    I’ll revisit your images with fresh eyes, tomorrow. If you don’t mind, I’ll even ask my Daemon for an opinion, 😉

    • Spalenka says:

      Great commentary! Marvelous and thank you!

      • judygerardthomson says:

        I am just a conduit (and an imperfect one, at that). I suddenly felt summoned back here – well, I was lovingly thumped upside the head. Ouch. Looks like I mis-numbered the examples in my rush to retype.

        Therefore # 7 should really be # 8, and that 1-off error is most likely perpetuated all the way through. Dysnumeria strikes, again! I’ll be more conscientious, tomorrow.

      • Spalenka says:

        I will figure it out! Thanks.

  3. Joan Marie says:

    My favorite is 17..Love the radiance!!

  4. Cathy Skipper says:

    10, 28 or 30 xxx

  5. teamworld12 says:

    17.. Enlightening.

  6. Burgundy Morgan says:

    I love them all, but if the album is called Cosmic Heart, I think #3 best fits the theme. As always, beautiful beautiful beautiful work!

    • Spalenka says:

      Thank you for voting, Burgundy! The full title is, Memory of a Cosmic Heart. I appreciate your support. I look forward to your feedback on the music. Peace.

      • judygerardthomson says:

        Voila! Burgundy, your observation just sparked me to recognize another (potential) *heart* – just stretch and subtly elongate the homuncular vessel in No. 4 (of the four finalists). The opening, atop, even resembles an aorta, 😉

        Some alchemical potion bottles and amphorae look really quite heart-shaped (I was recently looking for some miniature glass containers….)

      • Spalenka says:

        I like the aorta, observation. Nice.

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