Cosmic Heart LP Jacket Cover Vote

Help me decide the direction of the, Memory of a Cosmic Heart LP jacket and CD covers. Click on the first image to see it larger, then flip through all the cover ideas making note of the number in the lower left hand corner. After you have reviewed them all, return to the main page and share your picks in the comment box below.

These are ideas and not final pieces of art, so we are looking for what you feel best represents the direction of the art. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Keep in mind that the story is a musical odyssey of the heart, weaving in concepts of our celestial roots, with a desire to dance with the divine. Thank you for helping me shape the look of Memory of a Cosmic Heart. I will share the top three winners at the end of the week.

Lastly, go here to pre-order the album. 

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Pushing Limits

Why do I take on projects that seem insurmountable, and are going to push the limits of who I am as an artist and a person, and probably cause stress in my marriage and relationships? Because, I care deeply about the potential in people to be inspired. By stretching myself to the limits, I can reach that part of me I never knew was there, and share that with the world.

Memory of a Cosmic Heart started out as an intimate idea between Rob Jacobs and myself. Rob approached me about 12 years ago wanting to collaborate on creating some spiritual music together. Month after month we got together, for years. In fact if I was not staying true to the schedule he would contact me with stern reminders.

I would bring melodies (ditties) on a mini cassette player that we would review. Then Rob would pull out a pencil and start writing out the songs we were molding on sheet music. This process went on and off for ten years. We worked with Bill Brendle, then James Raymond who would disappear as they left to go on tour for months and years, or just got busy so we looked for other producers, without success.

Then Rob had a stroke and an urgency rose up in me to take the mantel and finish the record. When I met Montana Jose the DJ, producer and owner of Whack family Records, I was almost at my wits end, but his excitement and ambient remixes of the songs lit a fire under me. The realization kicked in that there was something larger going on here. While  mixing the music together in GarageBand, the title of the project came to me as well as a story about about a daughter of the sun who is born as a human and her quest to return to home. Then in my mind’s eye I saw the live performance art piece on stage.

Rob was not happy when award winning, grammy nominated talent wanted to be a part of the music, because it was raising the budget, a lot! It made me nervous too, but I had a gut feeling this was the way to go. I felt spirit pushing me when I wanted to hold back.

In the 80’s I created a subway poster for the School of Visual Arts of an angel (her wings were made of paint palettes) painting a window on a cell wall. The tagline which was written by Dee, Marshall Arisman’s wife said, “A GREAT IDEA, IS JUST AN IDEA, UNTIL YOU MAKE IT REAL”

That’s me, over and over again.

The crowd funding campaign for Memory of a Cosmic Heart, begins, May 1.

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Memory of a Cosmic Heart

Sketch for the album cover.

What is “Memory of a Cosmic Heart?”

MCH represents a ten year effort to expand the definition of New Age music with an album that harkens back to the roots of the original movement and expanding its potential. Myself, Rob Jacobs and a team of incredibly gifted song writers, musicians, and opera class vocalists have created a classical, operatic, electronic musical fusion that is designed to calm the mind and open peace in your heart, without sounding like elevator music. It also gets you dancing too.⠀

heart2Sketch for the album cover.

The music is close to being finished and the grand plan for this multi-media project. I am launching a crowd funding campaign on Earth Day, April 22. This is an auspicious day as  the story of the music reflects themes of interstellar and planetary influence.

Sketch for the album cover.

There will be an illustrated book to accompany the music which will be in Vinyl, CD and digital download formats. Stay tuned for more details.


Sketch for the album cover.



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Music of the Spheres

Concept Setches for the record cover…

I have music in my blood and it likes to pump to the surface through melodies in my head.

Michelle Barnes and I created The Visions of Vespertina album years ago and this new project has been slowly percolating out of me ever since.  I started a conversation with my friend Rob Jacobs who is a meditator like myself, an artist and kirtan player about collaborating. Together we wrote a series of songs. From the beginning, these songs reflected our desire to pierce the veils of reality and touch the dimension of spirit.

Bill Brendle (plays for Sergio Mendez) helped us take the music further. As the project evolved, James Raymond (Crosby, Stills and Nash) came on board as a Producer. The songs transformed into Gold.

As we refined the instrumentation with James in the studio, the muses revealed their power inside these compositions. We could hear the  music of the spheres, as the score morphed into classical, and operatic overtones.

Truth is, our record has been years in the making. When James went on tour with Crosby, Stills & Nash it was put on hold.

Then Rob suffered a stroke. I felt an urgency to finish this project, when the universe pushed open a door expanding the concept further…

Jose Montana is a DJ, and Producer. He loved our songs. remixed compositions into Ambient, Dance Electronica, transforming them again! Our album evolved into a classical, operatic, electronica fusion.

Then more magic happened… additional stellar talent joined the project. Next post I will divulge the awesome vocalists (opera singers, Grammy nominated), and award winning musicians who are gracing the record, as well as the title of this project.

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Model Pageantry Overview

I have been honored and blessed to create art with loving, talented people in the service of the art spirit. I thank all of the beautiful souls who have helped me bring more beauty and grace to our world. Onward and upward!

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Model Pageantry VIII

Model- Ashley Hackett for, “Chakra Goddess” (detail).

From the moment I met her it was clear Ashley would make a great model. Conceptually, I wanted to explore some eastern indian sculptural qualities I felt she would be perfect for. “Chakra Goddess” manifested from this collaboration. There is a strength and serenity that emerges from this image. It is one of my most popular prints with women.

Model- Ashley Hackett for, “Divine Repose II”

“Divine Repose” was also produced from this photoshoot. I created some variations of this image which was inspired by the model’s relaxed and elegant pose. The violet, pink color washing over the the interior of this sacred space created a nice contrast and reflected Ashley’s fun and beautiful art spirit.

Reference shot for, “Chakra Goddess.” We explored different poses for this image and some of them were beautiful unto themselves.

Model- Melissa Schwarz, reference for, “Living Stone.”

Melissa Schwarz is a new addition to my family of models. Melissa is a very talented actress and enjoys playing different roles in theater, but also in front of the camera. She has transformed herself into the seductress, the classical muse, a forest faerie, and the lover wondering about the future.

The sunlight was just magical on her with this picture.

The seductress in cyanotype form.

A splash of fantasy.

Reference for a series on the windows of love.

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Model Pageantry VII

Model- Isabelle Howell for Roxana Illuminated Perfume.

I designed a photoshoot around Isabelle Howell and Kellie Bryant (both Waldorf Highland Hall graduates) for Mona Wells plant dyed fashions, as well as Roxana Illuminated Perfume. These two young women melded perfectly with a feel of wholesome elegance.

Mona Lewis exploring handwork, plant dye, education and art that feeds the soul.

Isabelle Howell as a classical nature nymph. I was attempting to capture a Pictorialist quality to this series of photos.

Kellie Bryant in a turn of the century Pictorialist image.

There is almost tintype quality to some of these photos. I love the timeless essence that these images evoke.

Nature and romanticism.

The above image was taken for Sofia Bernardez, another Highland Hall high school student and talented fashion designer who was looking for a scholarship to El Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. The model was her friend who’s name escapes me.

Photoshoot for Mala Apothecary. Model- Kamilla Peters. In this instance the focus was on the beautiful, flawless skin to reflect the product line of Mala Apothecary. However, Kamilla’s clear blue eyes pull you back again and again.

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Model Pageantry VI

Blue Savanah, Model Savanah Paige Kerwin, for Roxana Illuminated Perfume

I had one photoshoot with Savanah but the amount of inspiration I have been able to glean from that one session has been amazing. She was a receptionist at my local gym and I asked her if she would be interested in posing for Roxana Illuminated Perfume. She had no modeling experience but it was obvious within a few moments of taking pictures she was a natural.

Most of these are reference shots for Roxana Illuminated Perfume, however I explored different Photoshop and cyanotype processes for some of my personal pieces of art.

Cyanotype influence with drawing elements intertwined.

This photoshoot was held at the Agoura Antique Market. Backgrounds were ready made in some instances or we moved different objects around to create interesting compositions.

Savanah relaxes in the sunset through the magic of Photoshop.

More Cyanotype influence with drawing elements intertwined.

This gives you an example of how Savanah was used in a promotion for, “Impromptu” botanical perfume. See the Lookbook here.

Reference for, “Impromptu.”

Final art for, “Impromptu.”

Savanah is like an exotic landscape, full of intrigue and awe inspiring beauty. I am grateful we had the opportunity to produce some wonderful imagery together,

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Model Pageantry V

v5Queen I,  Model- Sophie Fletcher

This post continues my celebration of people that have modeled for me throughout my art career. Click on the images to see them larger.


Sophie Fletcher has a sweet natural demeanor which translates into exotic realism. Elegant and beautiful.









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Model Pageantry IV

Michaelmas Mastery– Showcased in Spectrum 24, The Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art. Model- Stevie Morley

This post continues my celebration of people that have modeled for me throughout my art career. Click on the images to see them larger.

Raw reference shot for Michaelmas Mastery.

Stevie Morley is a serious evolutionary biologist, make up artist and costume maker. She is known also as Dirt Faery Morley because of the costumes she designs that can reflect a dark almost troll like nature. When I photograph her as a model for my art projects or for Roxana Illuminated Perfume assignments she brings an elegance to the lens.

Fleurish for Roxana Illuminated Perfume.

Stevie has the spirit of an actress and the sophistication of a Goddess.

There is a beautiful archival print of this image.

Venus, for the Roxana Illuminated Perfume event, Love Yourself

The inspiration for Venus was 1800’s Parisian postcards.

Raw reference shot for Venus
Floral Bliss
Raw reference for Floral Bliss photoshoot
Melifera, for Roxana Illuminated Perfume

The painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau would have loved her as his model too.


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