Vespertina Revealed V

Crescoptiscope image attributed to William of Northampton.

“I learned today there are two Williams of Northampton. One is the Earl of Northampton, a high ranking knight of many military campaigns in the service of Edward III. The other is our beloved William, a cousin of the Earl and a warrior of another kind. Men of this world  fight in battle only to know death, but William fights in the service of life. Life after death. 

If the kings of this world only knew of his heroism in the astral world protecting souls from annihilation, including many of their kin, they would hand their crown to him. But alas, William’s deeds and the works of all Spiritus Quarere will go unnoticed in this Godless age.”*

*Vespertina Journal- Spiritus Quarere: De Profundus


About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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