Beauty- Progression 1

Beauty started out as a figure drawing and is now evolving into another piece of art. I adhered the drawing to Crescent board, drew on it some more, placed transparencies over the drawing, collaged them down with tape then used acrylic and house paints.

figurestudy2Beauty 18″x22″ Charcoal, paint, transparencies, tape, newsprint, on board $200.00

This piece is now at $200.00. Beauty’s next progression is Saturday, August 24. If you like this piece of art and want to own it then you must let me know before Saturday, August 24 because it will not be the same after that date.

Progressions are pieces of art which I will continually work on and show the progress of until someone stops the process by purchasing it. In essence the art keeps evolving until a patron steps in. I am giving this person the power to become a part of the creative process.

These pieces of art have a six day viewing window and then they will be worked over again.  The change may be as subtle as adding refinement and rendering, other times the transformation may be radical, so much so that the piece underneath is obliterated.  The variations are almost infinite as I continue to build and destroy the surface with paint, collage, etc. but it is possible the art may be destroyed altogether.

All pieces of art will start at $100.00 and raise in price $100.00 after every progression. Email me directly, greg(at) if you want to purchase (free shipping in the US, unless the art is over 13″x19″). 


About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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5 Responses to Beauty- Progression 1

  1. I just love this series! Very fun to watch it develop.

  2. I think this is a really exciting idea. A collaboration between you, the art and the buyer. But it is a little like a slot machine too. You could quit right now, or pull the handle one more time and maybe you’ll win even more! When does the purchaser decide to call it quits? When do you? I think it is great, both the art and the whole concept.

    • spalenka says:

      Hi Bob! Good to hear from you. Been reading your blog too, beautiful art as always. This is an experiment in surrender. I surrender to the process of the art and its finality. It is a bit like hiking up a hill with a friend and they ask you to stop to take in the view. There can be lots of viewpoints along that hill. Ha!

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