I was surrounded  by a powerhouse of talented Goddesses at the Kansas City Artist As Brand workshop. The workshop was sponsored  by the Kansas City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Artist thanks to Vania Soto (behind to right) and president of the chapter, Carlos Gomez. It was also aligned with Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. This group of women artists (from left) Eva Maria Toker, Eugenia Ortiz, Vania and Pavina Tonsavanh are going to ROCK! I see amazing success in their futures.

 Click on the images to see larger.

To present a workshop, and man a booth at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live all in one week is a lot of work but also very fulfilling.


You can see my booth set up here. I was focusing on my new book, projecting images of the spreads on the back wall of the booth.


“Chiaroscuro Gold” 4’x6′ print on fabric with muslin draping, silk rope and metal banner bars. $750 btn_buynow_SM

A few highlights of other interesting booth designs are below.

Awesome gallery look with lights.

Black on Black works nicely here.

A tad messy but nice use of tiering the art upward to get more real estate out of the booth.

 David Frizell was in my AAB workshop two years ago and has embraced the convention circuit by building a booth system that sets up and breaks down in a short period of time. He also has his family there as an amazing crew to help. Go David


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I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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