Dining with the Muses


Dining with the Muses

I am sorry this event is SOLD OUT.

Cornell Winery, Agoura, CA
Thursday, August 20th
7:00pm Reception – 7:30 dinner and show

Throughout history the arts have inspired legendary celebrations, festivals and one of kind parties to open our hearts and minds to the fantastical worlds of imagination.

The Cornell Winery is currently presenting, “Musing the Goddess,” a body of my work that reflects the timeless beauty of the female form as well as the powerful insight found in ancient wisdom cultures.

The Cornell Winery and I are celebrating this theme with a special dinner for a chosen few!

Hippocrene, the name of the spring created by Pegasus the winged horse was sacred to the Nine Muses. This water which flowed from the heavens to earth brought forth poetic inspiration when imbibed. Join us as we honor the Goddesses of antiquity with a feast and entertainment reflecting these virtues for your enjoyment. The amazing composer/musician Fritz Heede will be gracing our presence with his delicious vibes and a guest appearance of the operatic singer Sangeeta Kaur will uplift our spirits.

A delectable selection of Mediterranean cuisine will be paired with a selection of wines and a bounty of music, dance, aromatic elixirs, and more. This will be the grand finale for the “Musing the Goddess” show which ends August 23.

$100 per person

Reservations are accepted through e-mail only Please send your request to- tim@cornellwinery.com

Seating is limited to 26 guests (8 seats left) so please respond quickly if you are interested.

About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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