Model Pageantry III

Noir, Model- Jessica Lough

This post continues my celebration of people that have modeled for me throughout my art career. Click on the images to see them larger.

“Nefertiti’s Dream” is inspired by the Noir art. Nefertiti means “the beautiful one has come.” Divine consciousness blossoms. 35″x48” inks, acrylic, oil, metallic paint, varnish, canvas on wood.

Jessica Lough is a model who brings a strength to all of her characters. She can be dark and gothic or sensitive and sensual. Being a belly dance and performer she knows how to bring drama and elegance to any concept that needs to be communicated.

Noir Woods, for Roxana Illuminated Perfume

Working with a model is like a dance. It is both of us swirling around ideas when creating an image together. When the energy is right and we fuse our minds and talents. Then we can create a synergy. There is always a confident and playful quality with Jessica which makes our photoshoots delightful, creative collaborations.

To Bee, for Roxana Illuminated Perfume

“Goddess Muscle.” In solidarity with women’s rights and the Women’s Marches around the world. The Goddess is Rising.

Blue Queen, Archival Print

Blue Queen II

Mystic Current, Archival Print

Midsummer’s Night Dream

Photo inspiration for the Queen series

Snow Queen

Snow Queen Redux

Sometimes I create variations on a theme to see if the image wants to transform. I enjoy these explorations. I can’t go wrong with just about anything Jessica is the inspiration for.

Snow Queen Redux II


Sensual Dark Beauty

I know when the photoshoot is finished when I see this face. Ha! Thank you for all the inspiration Jessica!

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I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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