Model Pageantry VIII

Model- Ashley Hackett for, “Chakra Goddess” (detail).

From the moment I met her it was clear Ashley would make a great model. Conceptually, I wanted to explore some eastern indian sculptural qualities I felt she would be perfect for. “Chakra Goddess” manifested from this collaboration. There is a strength and serenity that emerges from this image. It is one of my most popular prints with women.

Model- Ashley Hackett for, “Divine Repose II”

“Divine Repose” was also produced from this photoshoot. I created some variations of this image which was inspired by the model’s relaxed and elegant pose. The violet, pink color washing over the the interior of this sacred space created a nice contrast and reflected Ashley’s fun and beautiful art spirit.

Reference shot for, “Chakra Goddess.” We explored different poses for this image and some of them were beautiful unto themselves.

Model- Melissa Schwarz, reference for, “Living Stone.”

Melissa Schwarz is a new addition to my family of models. Melissa is a very talented actress and enjoys playing different roles in theater, but also in front of the camera. She has transformed herself into the seductress, the classical muse, a forest faerie, and the lover wondering about the future.

The sunlight was just magical on her with this picture.

The seductress in cyanotype form.

A splash of fantasy.

Reference for a series on the windows of love.

About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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