The Winner is…

butterflyGood News and more Good News…

First Good News- A big thank you to the 289 people who voted for the cover of my book! The winner is Commutatio! This will now be the cover for the standard hardback edition which will be available in July. 176 pages highlighting 30 years of my career.

MindsEye Cover-03 More Good News- The other good news is that the Mind’s Eye cover has been chosen by Titan to be used for the limited edition version of my book which includes a slipcase that I designed and signed prints. You can see what is included in the limited edition version in the contents sheet below.

-Contents Sheet_Spalenka Book_02a

About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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4 Responses to The Winner is…

  1. Looks *so pretty* Greg! Very exciting!

  2. Keep up the Fabulous work Greg!! It is so exciting to see an entire retrospective of your masterpieces. You are one of my top 10 artists in the world!! Thank You for inspiring me with your mind- blowing ART!!!!

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