Cosmic Heart Run Off

We have a run off! Four pieces of art are vying for final direction of the, Memory of a Cosmic Heart LP jacket and CD covers!

Click on the images to see them larger. Share your picks in the comment box below or social media platforms.

These are ideas and not final pieces of art, so we are looking for what you feel best represents the direction of the art. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Thank you for helping me shape the look of, Memory of a Cosmic Heart.

Go here to videos about the project and pre-order the album. 

About Spalenka

I am committed to empowering truth and the art spirit within all.
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20 Responses to Cosmic Heart Run Off

  1. judygerardthomson says:

    Number 2, yet with the nimbus closest around the head increased in brilliance/dazzle (as in #4). Retain the “rays” of polyhedral diagram, surrounding the intense light, and bring up the “dawn” in the lower area – a crest of softly fiery light, rebirthing the feminine Phoenix. Also heighten the rosy Aurora-effect, between Earth and the Heavens?

    Second choice, Number 4, with an added layering (within the alembic flask) of some of the Cosmic imagery/Sacred Geometry seen in the numerological quatrefoil from #3. Allow the feet (or at least the foremost foot) to be more visible (and hence the Dance step more evident; otherwise, the lotus obscures rather than reveals/births Venus). Consider enlarging the diameter of the flask a tiny bit, so the wings clasp this globe in a more intimate and hand-like embrace.

  2. judygerardthomson says:

    More observations….

    All four images are visually appealing, even compelling. The question becomes: Which is the most in tune with the “mission statement”? Determining this requires using different sets of eyes. One observes the Material. The other attempts to pierce the material veil.

    In the end, I suspect the *most* compelling imagery will somehow combine the attributes of more than one picture. It will operate on the dual levels of immediate visual satisfaction and more subtle intellectual and spiritual revelation.

    The pose in Number 2 conveys maximum feminine (human) Strength, combined with an all-encompassing Empathic surrender to the Cosmos. She is Venus, new-born …she is a Holy Virgin, whether Mary or Vesta …she’s Quan Yin, the goddess of Mercy. She is an Angel, even without obvious wings. Her feet must be seen or the Dance will not fully emerge into reality (and Dance is Music in motion, even as the universe, itself, was danced into existence). This Woman reminds of the Sol/Luna unity figure seen throughout alchemical lore.

    In Numbers 1 and 3, the poses convey Sleep. There is potential within slumber, but the bodies need to shift to the cusp of waking for that potential to be realized and made manifest. Neither sleeper is at the waking point, yet.

    Number 1 is closer to such actualization (i.e., she’s less vividly foetal) than Number 3, but she also seems more fairy lady than human, angel, or goddess. She reminds of those little silver Titania pendants, with their glistening dragonfly wings and jeweled tiaras. Number 3, on the other hand, reminds of the heart milagros pin. A palpable but not-yet-born Frida. She embodies a Prayerful Hope or a Hopeful Prayer,. She lies in wait of the miraculous, but she is not quite the Miracle, itself.

    All these are just impressions, so they may or may not give you any more than you already have. If any have value to you, it’s only because my Daemon has articulated something of.value….

    • Spalenka says:

      All comments taken to heart and full of appreciation. Love the symbolism throughout. You are able to articulate through words that my soul attempts to reveal through image. It is a sweet combo!

  3. Jason Dowd says:

    #2 is my favorite, after careful deliberation, while #1 is a close alternate. The visual impact and connection to #2’s figure/pose, quality of vastness, and depth of symbolism, resonate.
    Beautiful work Greg!

  4. Wild Child says:

    I love 1 and 2. I love the innocence of number 1 and the openness of 2. Beautiful work!

  5. george zebot says:

    Gregory my man…life is good…we need to get together sometime…the rays encompassing #1 are the most vital…its about the beautiful ENERGY that has my vote


    • Spalenka says:

      Love hearing from you George! I miss you. Did you know Rox and I are in Santa Fe? Lenny is in Florida. We are moving around. Ha! Time to reconvene. Love you brother, thank you for voting and please share Cosmic Heart with your friends so I can make this project happen. It has been so much work, you have no idea, but coming out really beautiful.

  6. #2 Dear Cousin. judygerardthomson has articulated beautifully.

    • Spalenka says:

      Hi James! So good to hear from you. Thank you for joining in on the vote. Yes, Judy is amazing. Miss you, brother. I will be in town for Comic Con end of July so hope to see you then. I will be in touch.

  7. luciakwolfer says:

    I am torn between #1 and #2, although #1 evokes more emotion in me. #2 seems to be more of an intellectual approach. Since we are all made of the same elements as the stars and cosmos, either #1 or #2 is a great choice. Could one be used as the front cover and the other on the back, but a smaller version? If that were the case, I would select #1 as the front, and a smaller #2 on the back because of more definition and contrast. Thanks for letting us be a part of this decision. 🙂

    • Spalenka says:

      Thank you for your vote and thoughts on it all. I surmise all the images will be used somehow especially since I am creating the Memory of a Cosmic Heart Illuminated Manuscript to go along with the music. It will be a beautiful combination of story and music.

  8. Joan Marie says:

    I am still so very INSPIRED by #1 but these are all fabulous of course!!!!

  9. Nancy Cyr says:

    So wonderful, Greg! I vote for #1. :- )

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